Obiso Company integrates sustainability throughout our business. We aim to save energy and reduce environmental impacts of our operations, drive long-term economic success with healthy, high-performance workplaces, and make improvements in life possible as a good corporate citizen.

These three dimensions of sustainability are interlinked, reinforcing each other. We pledge to continually evaluate the potential environmental impact of our business, its economic influence and our corporate citizenship around the world. Our commitment to sustainability does not stop with formal regulations. As a leader in agriculture and in biological sciences research, we strive to go above and beyond simply following requirements of environmental and labor laws. There is much room for innovation in driving sustainable development in our industry, and we are resolved to continue to move forward. Please find information about our business model, organizational structure, products, customers, business strategy as well as main trends and factors in our individual division web pages.

We recognize that ongoing success for the Obiso Company  also depends on the sustainability of society’s resources, as well as continuous reduction of any negative impact from our business. We’ve explored each of these areas and have programs to mitigate our impact on the world.

  • Environmental matters:  we strive to reduce energy consumption, we recycle >95% of our waste, and, we compost much of our organic waste.  We also have a bioretention space to recycle grey water safely. 
  • Social matters:  quality and product safety, customer satisfaction, dedicated programs for customer service
  • Employee matters:  training, diversity, employee satisfaction, and employee retention
  • Respect for human rights, anti-corruption, anti-bribery matters, anti-trust, and research ethics